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Frank Roberscheuten Hiptett

13 Short Stories
* Creative and Swinging Jazz Portraits of Your Favorite Musicians *

Frank Roberscheuten (clarinet, saxophones)
Olaf Polziehn (piano)
Ingmar Heller (bass)
Oliver Mewes (drums)

CD / Studio-Recording

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Liner Notes by Frank Roberscheuten:

'As a teenager I loved to read Roald Dahl's short stories. His exciting humorous and unexpecting way of writing kept you reading until the end. Unfortunately writing is not one of my talents. However, my head is full of musical ideas. So with this album I present my own short stories, not in words but in sounds. With these tunes I salute the musicians of the groups I am part of and (co)lead : 'The Three Wise Men', 'The Three Tenors Of Swing' and the 'Jazzin' July' teachers. With each individual musician of these groups in mind, I put some musical ideas on paper. This resulted in the 13 titles on this CD. Having written the tunes I wasn't sure when and with whom to record them, but soon this problem would be solved.

The band 'Frank Roberscheuten Hiptett' is not a set group of musicians. Whenever I have the opportunity to play with this group I get the best colleagues available. Many of today's jazz greats have joined my band, but I will refrain from writing down names as the list would be too long.

For e few concerts in May 2013 I put together a fabulous rhythm section, the guys you hear on this album. Rossano had some time off between concerts in England and Austria. Ingmar was willing to take a week off from his NDR Big Band and Oliver had no obligations with the 'Echoes Of Swing'. We ended up playing three concerts, featuring the great singer Shaunette Hildabrand, so I used this possibility to organize a recording session in order to get my musical short stories 'on paper'. Only a couple of microphones were used for this session in theater 'De Hofnar' as our aim was to obtain a natural sound.'
EUR 20,00

inkl. MwSt., zzgl. Versandkosten