*With integrity, soul, and swing*

Dan Barrett (trombone, cornet, vocals)
John Smith (alto sax, soprano sax)
Engelbert Wrobel (clarinet, soprano sax, tenor sax)
Chris Hopkins (piano)
Christian Ramond (bass)
Oliver Mewes (drum)

CD / Studio-Recording

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From the liner-notes:
>All of us musicians participating in this project have throughout the years found inspiration in the recorded works of the great swinging jazz players of the past. Especially the Swing Era, with ist musical center in Harlem (New York) - at the apex of ist development during the mid-thirties until the early forties - produced some of the most influential soloists and bands in jazz. While the music was still following certain rules concerning the use of melody, classic harmony and straight swinging rhythm, it proved at the same time to be one of the most inspired, creative and colorful eras in jazz history. Still today, this way of playing music together has not lost any of ist charm - assuming that you manage to gather together a bunch of musicians who have the same understanding about how to communicate, and if everybody plays in a natural way. In addition to the influence of this great period in jazz we're of course all living in the present and want our music to sound fresh and alive today. So we decided to call our little tour 'Harlem 2000'.<
Chris Hopkins

>Nothing pleases the straight-ahead jazz fan more than a long set of well-known and obscured classics played with integrity, soul, and swing by an ensemble of tight musicians, and this fills that bill in spades. Recorded over three days at a studio in Hamburg, the trumpeter and his merry men roll hard and brassy over the feisty rhythms of Christian Ramond (bass) and Oliver Mewes (drums) on such gems as 'Beyond the Blue Horizon' and the Lionel Hampton-Charlie Christian classic 'Haven't Named It Yet.' There's lots of variety and joyful mood-swinging between the New Orleans-flavored 'Four or Five Times' (with Engelbert Wrobel's whimsical clarinet) and the lighthearted, muted trumpet-driven romance 'Dreamy Mood.' The recording derives ist name from ist inclusion of two Duke Ellington classics, which give pianist Chris Hopkins (who wrote the colorful liner notes) some strong moments to shine: the mysterious 'Echoes of Harlem' and the perky 'Drop Me off in Harlem.' You'll be glad you got off the bus.<
Jonathan Widran (All Music.com)
EUR 20,00

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